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Prosecutors Continue to Harass Imam

PHILADELPHIA \ Oct. 12, 2011 \ IDN — For over a decade, prosecutors have been manipulating the environment of the leader of a locally-based mosque. In order to get him on some kind of charge as he had complained about the discrimination from the court system.

For what started at a workplace incident, the discrimination wound-up in the courts, via the Semitic network. Some things they have done to the Imam, was utilize their ethnic-controlled psychological network to deny the Imam of his child. This while reasonably knowing that the Imam’s own child was being molested by the mother’s Latino paramour. Meanwhile, attempting to frame the Imam by using set-up undercover and confidential informants, as if to get a case on the Imam!

This has been going on for many years. To no avail, the prosecutor’s office has become desperate by even having the mother’s paramour intercept the Imam at work while having surveillance on the Imam, but the Imam (M. Smith) source informed him of this beforehand. The Imam has been under a controlled work environment along with CI neighbors and local stores for many years.
So desperate, they have even instructed the paramour’s work peers to try and get the Imam on a slander charge on the paramour yet do nothing about the child molester.
We will keep you informed of this case.

Ethnic Agents continue to Harrass Muslim

PHILADELPHIA, PA \ IDN \ — May 23, 2011 –For many years, ethnic-controlled agents have been attempting to entrap a life-long Muslim into hearsay conversations. The Muslim, Mark S., has, over the last decade, had his environment at work manipulated for false accusations based on hearsay, particularly in the realm of anti-Semite-ism. This being trivial since Islam is based on Semites and that Muslims look at themselves as spirits.

Mark S. is a great Muslim and does good work for the Lord and his community. His coworkers and bosses have been involved in this conspiracy-to get him on something. I will fill you all in on the details on another date.

Basically, I just wanted to put this story out in order to give a heads-up.

It will amaze you at who actually gets protection from LEA’s and who doesn’t .

Stay tuned…

-Akbar Rashad

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